Friday Pizza


Friday Pizza has been a longstanding tradition. When Friday comes around, wherever I am, I try to make pizza. Lake Como, Milano, Stavanger, Boston; doesn’t matter. Recently, Friday Pizza has been accompanied by Blind Tasting. This particular occasion was to teach my brother’s friend a little about wine. We decided to stay in one area, so Piemonte wines were on the menu.


It ended up being one of each grape and then of course both versions of Nebbiolo. And my dad picked wines that show the typical characteristics of each one. Dolcetto and Barbera by Bartolo Mascarello. Nebbiolo and Barolo from Marengo. Absolutely fantastic. The 2012 Barolo was a little young but decanting it helped slightly. Overall a great meal and an interesting “wine lesson”.


Monforte Pizzeria

monforte pizza menu

Piemonte is easily associated with good food. Good pizza, however, is hard to come by. If you are looking for Pizza, Monforte is the place to go. Right in the Piazza is an excellent pizza place. The have other dishes of course but it is a common place to get pizza. They also have a very good wine list and because it’s located in the piazza, it is usually quite lively. One Friday during our vacation, we had Friday Pizza here. I got my usual Margherita with prosciutto! It was belissimo!monforte pizza

Friday Pizza and Recipe

Dough: Flour, 1 tsp yeast, pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, water (body temperature)

Mix the yeast with room temperature water (how ever much you want), add the salt and sugar. Then add flour until the dough is perfect. Here is Mario Batali’s Pizza dough recipe. It’s a little different, and I have never tried it, but it’s probably really good.

Sauce: tomato paste, basil, oil, pepper

Mix the ingredients together. The amount depends on how much you want to make, play it by ear.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.20.08 PM

Last nights Friday Pizza with Vietti Perbacco!

Friday Pizza

Friday Pizza is served @Cantina Granveien. 

We try to serve Pizza every Friday, always home made, with fresh mozarella and prosciutto. With the wine, we usually serve a Dolcetto or Barbera– a strange combination maybe, Pizza and Wine, but PizzaWine has become a well know term in Cantina Granveien and it’s guests.

 (For those of you who don’t know, Cantina Granveien is our house) 

Today’s Pizza Wine: Bartolo Mascarello’s Dolcetto. Divine. Superb. Wonderful.