Top 5 “local” dishes in Barolo

  1. Insalata Russa
  2. Vitello Tonnato
  3. Ragu
  4. Carne Cruda
  5. Bagna Cauda


Insalata Russa

A “russian” salad of peas, carrots and potato with a mayo tuna sauce. One of my favorites!

osteria veglio

Vitello Tonnato

A tuna sauce with kapers over sliced veal. Very good!



Usually served with tajarin, this ragu is a must. The meat varies, but it’s usually rabbit (which always makes me feel a little strange, but if you pretend it’s something else it tastes good!).

le torri

Carne Cruda

I don’t have a picture, but most people know what it is. They often call it Battuta di Fassone and it’s served with olive oil and salt. Not one of my favorites.

Bagna Cauda

I have never tried this dish because I am usually in Barolo in the wrong “season”. It’s more of a fall/winter dish. It’s like a warm sauce and you can eat it similar to a fondue.


Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

Last year I mentioned my favorite places to go for a glass (or bottle) of wine. I stand by the first 4, but Dr. Kneipp has now been replaced with BA53.

  1. Territoriet
  2. Le Benjamin
  3. Beijing Palace
  4. Cru
  5. Dr. Kneipp     BA53ba

BA53 has become one of my favorite restaurants, with both incredible food and a great wine list. The staff takes excellent care of you, they are both friendly and professional, and contribute to the truly wonderful dining experience. The wine menu (and the food menu) change continuously but you are always assured a nice bottle to a reasonable price. I will keep coming back for more goodness.