Top 5 “local” dishes in Barolo

  1. Insalata Russa
  2. Vitello Tonnato
  3. Ragu
  4. Carne Cruda
  5. Bagna Cauda


Insalata Russa

A “russian” salad of peas, carrots and potato with a mayo tuna sauce. One of my favorites!

osteria veglio

Vitello Tonnato

A tuna sauce with kapers over sliced veal. Very good!



Usually served with tajarin, this ragu is a must. The meat varies, but it’s usually rabbit (which always makes me feel a little strange, but if you pretend it’s something else it tastes good!).

le torri

Carne Cruda

I don’t have a picture, but most people know what it is. They often call it Battuta di Fassone and it’s served with olive oil and salt. Not one of my favorites.

Bagna Cauda

I have never tried this dish because I am usually in Barolo in the wrong “season”. It’s more of a fall/winter dish. It’s like a warm sauce and you can eat it similar to a fondue.

Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

Last year I mentioned my favorite places to go for a glass (or bottle) of wine. I stand by the first 4, but Dr. Kneipp has now been replaced with BA53.

  1. Territoriet
  2. Le Benjamin
  3. Beijing Palace
  4. Cru
  5. Dr. Kneipp     BA53ba

BA53 has become one of my favorite restaurants, with both incredible food and a great wine list. The staff takes excellent care of you, they are both friendly and professional, and contribute to the truly wonderful dining experience. The wine menu (and the food menu) change continuously but you are always assured a nice bottle to a reasonable price. I will keep coming back for more goodness.




Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

  1. Territoriet
  2. Le Benjamin
  3. Beijing Palace
  4. Cru
  5. Dr. Kneipp



Did you say wine by the glass? Because at Territoriet you can get over 100 wines by the glass! The bar, located at Grünerløkke, is small and cozy, with excellent staff and many good wines. I personally think they have a very good selection of white burgundy, one of the many reasons why I tend to end up here on the weekends.

Chiara (3)

Le Benjamin

This cozy bistro is worth a visit or two. They have a very good wine list, excellent food and wonderful staff. Located in a very nice are in Oslo, this french gem invites you in and makes you never want to leave.


Beijing Palace

Hmmm, where to begin? This interesting joint is a must when dining out in Oslo. Along a busy street behind a rugged exterior is probably Oslo’s best Chinese restaurant. But the most intriguing aspect of Beijing palace is it’s extensive wine list. You may not thing dumplings and red burgundy go together, but this place makes it happen!



This is a restaurant I “frequent”. I absolutely love spending time here. Max, the owner, is so down to earth and friendly, and will gladly chat about food, wine or life while you drink wine and eat his delicious food. The staff is knowledgable, fun and kind and will make your dining experience fun and relaxed. It feels a bit like coming home, apart from the obvious higher standard of cooking.



Dr. Kneipp

Very cool. The place is separated into a restaurant and a wine bar. The wine bar is kind if dark, with booths as well as some tables scattered around. There are many wine bottles lined up behind the bar, and their wine list is incredible. They have quite a few gems by the glass, which makes this perfect if you just want a glass or two. I will definitely come back here.



Top 5 Wine Experiences in NYC

  1. Burger & Barrel
  2. Babbo
  3. Maialino
  4. Charlie Bird
  5. Lupa

Burger& Barrel


This place is kind of quirky. Along with very stereotypical burgers they also have a really good wine list. It might sound a little strange at first. How good of a wine pairing can that be, does anything really go with greasy burgers? Don’t knock it until you try it! Good food, amazing wine. A place to check out if you are in New York City.


I am not sure how to explain how amazing Babbo is. I honestly feel like a princess whenever I am there. The service is incredible. And the staff is so nice. Juan Pablo, one of my favorite sommeliers, works at Babbo. He originally worked at Lupa which is where we met (I used to frequent Lupa. Like, really frequent…) And now he works at Babbo. Good for him! At Babbo, everything just works. The lighting, the food, the wine, the service, the music. It is such an experience dining there, at least for me, as I don’t regularly eat in super fancy restaurants. I already look forward to my next visit, hopefully in October 2017!



Maialino, located near Gramersy park, has a very good wine list. There are many old treasure on the list but you can of course also find newer Barolos, some barbera and dolcetto. I am always impressed with the wines they have. The first time I ate there, in 2010, we had a 2000 Dolcetto from Bartolo Mascarello. And I would never have thought a 10 year old dolcetto could taste so fresh. Amazing. The last time I was there we had  a 1994 Bruno Giacosa. At first it was a little funky but it opened up really well. Always a fun experience at Maialino.

Charlie Bird


Charlie bird is a fantastic place. The food is good and the wine list is great. They always have a good selection of both red and white. However, the concept that makes Charlie Bird such a good place for wine is their second wine list. This is a list, hand written, in a little red book. The selection in this book is insane. And one of the sommeliers there, Arvid, was just named World’s Best Sommelier. How cool!



I have been to Lupa more times than I can count and we always end up having good wine there. They have just the types of wines I like, the Barolo (dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo and barolo) section is vast with many to chose from. Unfortunately they stopped carrying my favorite white, Ettore Germano’s Riseling “Herzu.” Despite this, the wine list is still pretty good!

Top 5 on my Barolo Bucket List

  1. La Ciau Del Tornavento
  2. Truffel hunting
  3. Pasquetta
  4. Harvest
  5. Conterno


La Ciau Del Tornavento

I have never been to this restaurant, but I here it is something you should experience. They have an insane wine list, and a very cool wine cellar. They have over 60.000 bottles of wine from over 450 producers in over 14 countries. That’s quite a selection. Some of the wines are quite old, so if you’re looking for some grape juice with some age, this is the place to go.

Truffel hunting

It may be clichè but I have always wanted to go truffel hunting. Truffel season in Piemonte is very busy as it is a very popular activity. Some *hunting trips* are better than other, or so I have heard. These days the whole thing is very staged. But I think it would be fun, besides the restaurants serve dishes with fresh truffle, and who can say no to that?


“Easter Monday, also known as La Pasquetta in Italian, is part of the Easter holiday celebrations that are celebrated across Italy. It is a popular time to take short breaks to the countryside with friends and/or family. Easter games include egg races.” Basically, the whole day is set aside to eat and drink as much as you can with as many people as you can. If the weather permits, picnic outside is a must.


This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I have always been away at school during harvest time. Hopefully in 2016 I will be able to go down for at least a weekend to experience it. I’m sure I won’t last more than half a day, it would be nice to tick it off the bucket list.


Toni and Luca Currado (Vietti)


This last one might come as a surprise to someone, but visiting Conterno would be pretty cool. It is almost impossible to get an appoitnment and if you are lucky enough to be let in the gate you mostly likely have to cough up about 300 Euros. Many think this is silly, and it kind of is, but Conterno is one of the legends and it would be interesting to both taste the wines but also see the winery and meet the family. Hopefully one day!



Top 5 restaurants in Barolo

  1. Mangè
  2. Centro Storico
  3. More e Macine
  4. Osteria Veglio
  5. Osteria dei Vignaiolo



At Mangè you will find Maria Kristina and her husband. Maria is the chef, and her food is out of this world. The atmosphere at Mangè is friendly and you feel like you are surrounded by family and friends. You can come here for lunch or dinner, but also if you just want a glass of wine, a snack or a gin tonic. They have a little patio outside, where you have a view of the barolo hills and can catch the action of La Morra. Since the restaurant is located in the middle of La Morra, you are sure to witness the local life at its best.

Centro Storico

At Centro Storico, a small restaurant hidden in Serralunga d’Alba, you will find the best Champagne list outside of Champagne. You will also find Ciccio. Ciccio, which means little fat, is the owner. He, alongside his wife, make incredible food, and will serve it to you at one of the 8 tables they have. It may be small, but it’s a can’t miss if you are in the Piemonte region.


More e Macine

Located in La Morra, Ito and his crew will serve you good food and wine in a fantastic atmosphere. If you look around, it is almost guarenteed one of the winemakers in the area will sit at one of the tables, drinking coffee or wine, chatting with their friends.

Osteria Veglio

You can find Osteria Veglio along the widning road leading up to La Morra, in Annunizata. The restauarant recently changed chefs, and it has become a *must* when we are in the Barolo area. The food is incredible, and if you’re lucky, the terrace has room so that you can eat with a view.

Osteria dei Vignaiolo

This little gem can be found at a crossroads in Santa Maria. Weather permitting, sitting outside is a treat! The food is very good, but I go for the Panacotta! Truly amazing. I haven’t found panacotta that good anywhere else.