Where to go in Milan?

Anyone have any tips on where to buy good wine or restaurants with good wine lists?

Any suggestions are welcomed!


Wine list @ Mercato del Suffragio




After moving to Milano, I had to start finding new wine stores. One of those was Peck. At Peck you don’t only find wine, they have a great selection of food as well (I spent quite some time in the Cheese section). Downstairs they have their Enoteca, and I was very surprised when I walked down the stairs and entered into the wine section. It was like it was endless. I just kept walking and walking and the store seemed to get bigger and bigger.


They have a huge selection of wines from all over the world, it was almost overwhelming. And they also had a beautiful selection of large formats. Basically one of my new favorite places in Milano. Being Piemontegirl, I usually end up in that section of the wine stores, and true to form that’s where I spent most of my time while I was there. They have the big names like Gaja and Conterno, but they also have a good selection of the less expensive wines. While we are on the subject, good wine does not have to cost a fortune. Just saying.


Definately a place to see if you are in the area. Check out their website for more information.

Hedonism Wines

IMG_6159Hedonism wines was of course on my To Do List when I was in London. I had asked around, and most everyone told me that this was a Must See. And they were right. The store was incredible.

When you walk in, the first floor is filled with wine, the bottles surrounded by very nice decor, and of course lots of wine paraphanelia. The selection is good, however quite expensive.

When you’re done perusing the first floor, the basement is next. Down here you find all the treasures. I am not sure where to begin, with the impressive selection of Burgundy wines or the Dom Perignon room. Yes, it has it’s own room.


Then there are the massive bottles, 5 litres, 12 litres, that are just casually hanging out. But let’s not forget the Romanee Conti area. I have never been so close to a bottle before, and I suspect I will never be so close again. The prices made my eyes bleed. But it was a wonderful experience.


If you want a taste of wine you can head over to the *tasting area*. Let us dwell on the word *taste*. Here you can buy a card, and then taste your way through over 40 wines. If you wanted to you could of course select one wine many times, but it was quite expensive. But an experience nonetheless.

I would say my trip to Hedonism Wines was a success. And I’ll definately go back!

You can check out their website here!