Bringing wine lovers and winemakers closer together

It’s been a rough year. So many things have been cancelled. Trips to Italy. Winemakers dinners. Masterclasses. Wine tastings. Winery visits. Owning and running a small (startup) business has been scary, tiring, exciting, wonderful, stressful, exhausting and fun. Lockdown 2.0 just started in Oslo, and all my planned events had to be moved online or cancelled. If there is one thing Covid has taught me it’s to adapt. And in that spirit, I’ve launced a new online event series! Let me introduce you to “Meet the Winemaker”! Where you get to meet the winemaker. Online. I’d say it’s the next best thing. It will help me achieve my goal: Bringing winemakers and winelovers together!

Sign up and meet these wonderful farmers, and have a glass of wine with us! Next up are: Chiara Boschis, Vietti, Diego Morra and Burlotto