Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

  1. Territoriet
  2. Le Benjamin
  3. Beijing Palace
  4. Cru
  5. Dr. Kneipp



Did you say wine by the glass? Because at Territoriet you can get over 100 wines by the glass! The bar, located at Grünerløkke, is small and cozy, with excellent staff and many good wines. I personally think they have a very good selection of white burgundy, one of the many reasons why I tend to end up here on the weekends.

Chiara (3)

Le Benjamin

This cozy bistro is worth a visit or two. They have a very good wine list, excellent food and wonderful staff. Located in a very nice are in Oslo, this french gem invites you in and makes you never want to leave.



Beijing Palace

Hmmm, where to begin? This interesting joint is a must when dining out in Oslo. Along a busy street behind a rugged exterior is probably Oslo’s best Chinese restaurant. But the most intriguing aspect of Beijing palace is it’s extensive wine list. You may not thing dumplings and red burgundy go together, but this place makes it happen!



This is a restaurant I “frequent”. I absolutely love spending time here. Max, the owner, is so down to earth and friendly, and will gladly chat about food, wine or life while you drink wine and eat his delicious food. The staff is knowledgable, fun and kind and will make your dining experience fun and relaxed. It feels a bit like coming home, apart from the obvious higher standard of cooking.



Dr. Kneipp

Very cool. The place is separated into a restaurant and a wine bar. The wine bar is kind if dark, with booths as well as some tables scattered around. There are many wine bottles lined up behind the bar, and their wine list is incredible. They have quite a few gems by the glass, which makes this perfect if you just want a glass or two. I will definitely come back here.



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