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I am a wine lover currently located in Boston. I drink wine mostly from Piemonte and Burgundy.
Two summers in a row I have worked at Vietti in Piemonte.

Ho Prenotato? Did you make a reservation?

Ho Prenotato? Did you make a reservation?

ho prenotato

These phrases are commonly heard in the local restaurants in Langhe. As the region is becoming more and more popular, the restaurants are of course filling up, especially during the busiest seasons. Restaurants like More e Macine and Osteria Veglio are often very full! So, my advice to you? Make a reservation!


Don’t expect to show up with 10 people on a Friday and have there be a table available. Ok, maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll have one for you, but you can expect them to say: Ho prenotato? And if you make a reservation you are guaranteed to eat at the place you want, instead of having to find a random place and potentially be really disappointed. And the restaurants appreciate it too 😉




The Veglio family coming together

Veglio has some exciting news

Mauro Veglio and Alessandro Veglio have joined their wineries! Two great producers have now become one! Mauro is Alessandro’s uncle, so they are keeping it in the family 😉 Their wines are similar in styles and they share the same philosophy, so this should be a wonderful adventure! I am very excited to see what the future has in store. Congratulations!


Mauro Veglio, Daniela and Alessandro Veglio

**Picture borrowed from Mauro Veglio

Brunate – the Marco Marengo version

Ever tried Marengo’s Brunate?

Brunate is one of my favorite crus, and the fact that Marengo produces it just makes it even better. The vineyards is composed of sandy soils with southern exposure, located in the zones of Barolo and La Morra. Last year I had the 1988, and let me just say that the 2010 can be stored away for about 30 more years! Not saying that the 2010 isn’t good now, just way too young!


Wine: Barolo Brunate

Producer: Marengo

Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy

Grape varieties: Nebbiolo

Vintage: 2010


Eye: deep red

Nose: red berries, herbs, some tobacco, floral

Mouth: well balanced. herbal, good acidity, smooth tannins

Price Point: $62

Available at Vinmonopolet: maybe

Available at Systembolaget: no