Vadio Winemakers Dinner

vadio dinner table

It’s always wonderful to see good friends and it was a pleasure to attend the Vadio winemakers dinner at Astral in Oslo a while back. First – what a location!! Astral is located a little outside Oslo in a beautiful building (I mean, come on – look at those pictures!)

vadio dinner eduarda

Eduarda and Luis, the winemakers from Vadio, shared 6 wines with us. Starting with the bubbly as a welcome drink. Then the Rose, followed by the white wine, before the 3 red wines. You know me, so you know I mostly stick to Piemontese wines, but I make exceptions for when my friends are in town! Go to http://www.vadio.pt/ to learn more about their wines.

Vadio dinner

Lastly I want to give a little shoutout to Astral. I was very impressed that they managed to serve high quality food for so many guests at a time – bravo! The food was delicious, the staff was fantastic and the wine was great (of course)!

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