Barolo Night 3.0 Round 1

barolo night sthlm round 1Voerzio la serra 1998

Dark brown, sort of old color. On the nose there were cherries, some toffee, raspberries. Despite the age there were still tannins present, albeit not forceful ones. I liked this one a lot!

Massolino Margheria 2008

On the nose there was a sweetness, rose hip, berries. A little dry in the mouth and we could tell there was some age to it. For me it had very masculine tendencies, very typical of the Massolino wines. All in all, very good. And 2008 is in general very approachable now.

Renato Corino Arborina 2014

Very interesting to see this baby next to the older wines. On the nose there was a nice smell of roses and rose hip. Compared to the other wines this had a lot of tannins, but still very approachable. Looking forward to try more 2014 in the upcoming weeks.


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