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New wines are coming in July, and here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind some you might have to order online.


One new wine from Kruger-Rumpf’s lineup will be available at Vinmonopolet in July. Soon you can find Riesling Münster Kapellenberg priced at 225kr at a Vinmonopol near you! His other wines (pictured below) will also be released with new vintages.

I’ve recently become a fan of Kruger-Rumpf. Since I met him in person in February at a wine fair organized by Moestue, I’ve encountered his wines again and again at other wine events. And although my knowledge of Riesling or wines from Germany in general is quite low, it’s been a lot of fun to learn more this past year.

Riesling Phyllit – Feinherb 169,90kr
Riesling Münster Kapellenberg 225,00kr
Riesling Abtei Rupertsberg 237,90kr


New vintages of Cariollon will also be released in July. Fresh & crips chardonnay, perfect for summer!
Carillon Bourgogne Aligote 239,90kr
Cariollon Bourgogne Chardonnay 269,90kr
Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 499,90kr

Adams Wein

Moestue can proudly present a new producer, Adams Wein. The two wines I tried, a Weissburgunder and a Grauburgunder were both dry with medium acidity. My knowledge of wines from Germany, but these two were fresh and easy to drink, and seems perfect on a warm summer day.
Adams Wein Weissburgunder Kaliber 9 199,90kr
Adams Wein Grauburgunder Kaliber 19 246,00kr

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