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My first visit to Pira was a few years ago, and the visit was hilarious. My family and Pira together. We spoke little italian and he claimed to speak very little English. He was either being modest or he got better over the years because he spoke English very well this year. He was accompanied by his daughter this time; he was teaching her to do visits and tours. So while we were tasting it was the daugther that presented the wines, and Pira would add on if needed.

pira lineup

We tasted the 2012’s as well as 2014 Barbera and Nebbiolo and 2015 Dolcetto.  I really like the 2012’s, although they will be way better in a few years, they are quite drinkable now. 2014 was a difficult vintage so the wines are not the best compared to the year before or the year after. All in all, a very nice visit! I hope be back very soon!

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