Mercato Del Suffragio


So one good thing about moving to Milano is there is an abundance of wine and good Italian food. And I have many friends that give good tips. This was one of them. Mercato del Suffragio. Here you will find four corners with delicious fresh food. You can sit down and eat, buy “take away” or just buy the fresh ingredients.


One corner has freshly baked bread, pizza, foccacia and coffee. The second corner has fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and salads. Third corner has fish and seafood. And fourth corner, my favorite, has cheese, salumi and wine. You can pick from each of the corners and sit down and enjoy the meal there, or take the meal home. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is very  friendly and the food is very good! I am definitely coming back here. Especially for the Ice Cream.


It was Daniela, the wife of Mauro Veglio, that told me about this place. They know the owner, Willy, who is very nice! His real passion is Ice Cream, and he let me try some. The nocciola is to die for! The brand is Cool, and their idea is to make natural ice cream with fresh ingredients. They even have ice cream without Lactose for those who are intolerant.




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