La Bottega del Vino

One of the things I like to do is ask the “professional” foodies where they go to eat and drink, and I’m rarely disappointed. La Bottega del Vino was recommended by Ciccio from Centro Storico and he was not wrong to recommend this place. I think I spent 20 minutes with the wine list alone, and because the wine list was so amazing I had to first pick the wine and then the food — struggles.


I went safe with the food: Vitello Tonnato, Raviolo cacio & pepe and a lava cake for dessert. The ravioli was really good, with tons of good flavors. I did not get a picture because I got too excited didn’t have time to take a photo… But it was good! The Vitello Tonnato was also good, but I still prefer the versions in Barolo. And chocholate cake is never a bad idea. So food wise it was a pretty good night!IMG_0120

Now the wine… I know it might be strange to order french wine in Italy but when I saw they had Marc Colin on the wine list I did not have much choice. I think he makes some of the best wines in the world, and even his most “basic” wines are incredible. So you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a good glass of chardonnay. Apart from Marc Colin they had many other amazing french wines from Matror, Liger-Belair and Domaine Leflaive. In the Piemonte section they had a good selection of Gusieppe Rinaldi, Capellano, Vietti, Cavallotto, Brezza, Gaja and Conterno. I was not disappointed and hope to return here very soon!


Blurry but the wine was still good ūüėČ


Le Torri

osteria veglio

Le Torri is a restaurant located in Castiglione, and I think it is one of the restaurants with the best views. If you are lucky enough to sit on the balcony, you have a beautiful view of Langhe. And the food is very good! They recently changed owners, and the new ones are doing very well! I usually eat the traditional dishes, like Vitello Tonnato and Tajarin Ragu, but they have a variety of dishes you can try. img_9008

The wine list is great; not surprising, since its located in the Barolo region. You find wines from the town, like Cavallotto or Vietti, but also wines from the other areas near by. By the glass or a full bottle, either way are you in good shape! Definitely worth a try, maybe after a winery visit with Guiseppe Cavallotto?le torri

BA 53



BA53, where the wonderful Kari Inner√• runs the show, opened not long ago in Oslo. The restaurant is located along Bygd√ły Alle, a fairly historic neighborhood in Oslo. Kari Inner√• is a well know chef with many awards tied to her name, and before she opened BA53 you could find her at Cru.


BA53 has an elegant yet rough vibe, both regarding the interior and the food. The concept here is that you can choose from many different dishes that are appetizer size, so it’s a little tapas like in the structure. On the menu you can find traditional Norwegian style food alongside Thai inspired soup and a loose interpretation of a Singapore king crab dish. The large range of dishes provide for an interesting dining experience. I personally really like the concept of choosing 3-5 small dishes instead of one large plate, because then you can taste a wide variety of amazing foods.

This time I ordered the Green Curry Soup, Pepper¬†King Crab and Ox tail ravioli. I was not disappointed. I have had the crab before but I just had to have it again because it’s incredibly good. The curry soup was a little too spicy for me but still delicious. And the ravioli was incredible, served with this broth/sauce that was just as good by itself.¬†A fantastic¬†dining experience, one¬†I will gladly repeat.

Mercato Del Suffragio


So one good thing about moving to Milano is there is an abundance of wine and good Italian food. And I have many friends that give good tips. This was one of them. Mercato del Suffragio. Here you will find four corners with delicious fresh food. You can sit down and eat, buy “take away” or just buy the fresh ingredients.


One corner has freshly baked bread, pizza, foccacia and coffee. The second corner has fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and salads. Third corner has fish and seafood. And fourth corner, my favorite, has cheese, salumi and wine. You can pick from each of the corners and sit down and enjoy the meal there, or take the meal home. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is very  friendly and the food is very good! I am definitely coming back here. Especially for the Ice Cream.


It was Daniela, the wife of Mauro Veglio, that told me about this place. They know the owner, Willy, who is very nice! His real passion is Ice Cream, and he let me try some. The nocciola is to die for! The brand is Cool, and their idea is to make natural ice cream with fresh ingredients. They even have ice cream without Lactose for those who are intolerant.






Near the Duomo in Milano, there is a restaurant called Signorvino. It is also a wine shop, so you can either sit and have a meal or just buy a bottle (or 10) of wine. I think I will probably just buy the wine from now on. They have an ok selection of wines from Piemonte. Many different Vietti wines, some Ciglitui and Oddero, also some Ettore Germano.

The wine shop is pretty good, but I was not a big fan of the restaurant. Poor serivice, bad wine list (which is weird since they have a good selection of wines), the food was not great and the music a little loud. I thought it was weird that they were unable to tweak a dish to suit my needs. I wanted proscuttio crudo instead of the cotto and it was very hard for them to change it. I also just wanted a piece of the robiola but to get the robiola I had to order the whole cheese plate. And I had to ask for water 3 times before it arrived. I am not impressed. But I am used to the service at More e Macine or Osteria Vignaiolo. Maybe I have to get used to the service in Milano….


I ended up with a bottle of Perbacco (not on the wine list) and Prosciutto crudo with my dish. So in the end it worked out (ish). I will be coming back to buy wine, so they have not lost a customer =)

Caves Madeleine


Caves Madeleine has always been a go to restaurant for our family when we are in Bourgogne, and this time was no different. However, since the owner changed the food has become a lot better. It is one of the best meals I have eaten in a very long time. We all wished we could eat non stop to be able to try the whole menu. Maybe next time.


The restaurant is located just outside the Beaune circle, and the small space seats about 25 people. The menu is scribbled on a black board in french, so we all had a little bit of trouble understanding the menu at first. Thankfully the staff spoke english very well and helped us figure out what we wanted to eat. The picture below is just a sneak peak of what we ate.

When it came to choosing the wine, we first tried to order something new. When the wine arrived, we all thought it was very strange and did not care for it very much. The waiter was extremely kind and let us chose another bottle. The service over all was incredible. I am very excited to go back again next time I am in Bourgogne.




Cru has quickly become one of my favorite places to go. It’s basically next door, the wine list is impressive and food incredible.

Cru is divided in two: the wine bar and the restaurant. Upstairs is the restaurant, a slightly fancy setting, with a set menu 3 or 5 courses. Downstairs is the wine bar, very casual with a menu of small courses, many are the same as upstairs. This setup makes it a perfect place for all kinds of occasions. I think my favorite part is the wine bar, enjoying the delicious food in a very relaxing atmosphere, ordering one plate and then maybe another.


Cauliflower soup

They change the menu once in a while, adding new interesting dishes. They try to use ingredients grown locally and focus on honest food. And their philosophy shows in their food. I love trying their new additions to the menu. However, I also have some favorites. Their lobster bisque is one of my favorites, but recently the Caulilflower soup may have knocked it off the top of my list. My god it’s good! Definitely coming back for more.


Terragon gnocchi with sunroot purré

Perfect place to spend a day off


As always, Cru was nothing but excellent. I think this is one of my favorite places in the city. They recently changed the menu so I had the opportunity to try some new dishes. And I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the cauliflower soup and terragon gnocchi. And I think I will have it again the next time I go. It was incredible.

Our server, Kim, was great as always. He has almost become our regular, not that we are at Cru that often. Kim is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the food and wine. He is always entertaining, not to mention good at his job. I always hope he will be in charge of our table whenever we go, and I was not disappointed today.

I’ll write more about Cru later.





Beijing Palace Oslo

A few months ago I discovered this gem with my parents. Hidden away in Oslo, is a truly fascinating Asian restaurant. They have a wide variety of dim sum, good sushi and other asian dinner dishes. The food is very good, which is hard to come by outside of Asia. But the best part about this place is not the food, it’s the wine list.

In a funny plot twist, they have two different wine lists. The one on the menu and a separate one with a larger selection. The second, secret list, has wines you never would have guessed, like Comte Liger Belair, G Roumier and Comtes Lafon. Absolutely incredible! And almost no mark up. If you are interested in wines and find yourself in Oslo, Beijing Palace is a must!

Check out their menu here: 

PS: If you’re on intsagram, check out hongwat, he is the guy to talk to about the wines.

Top 5 restaurants in Barolo

  1. Mangè
  2. Centro Storico
  3. More e Macine
  4. Osteria Veglio
  5. Osteria dei Vignaiolo



At Mangè you will find Maria Kristina and her husband. Maria is the chef, and her food is out of this world. The atmosphere at Mangè is friendly and you feel like you are surrounded by family and friends. You can come here for lunch or dinner, but also if you just want a glass of wine, a snack or a gin tonic. They have a little patio outside, where you have a view of the barolo hills and can catch the action of La Morra. Since the restaurant is located in the middle of La Morra, you are sure to witness the local life at its best.

Centro Storico

At Centro Storico, a small restaurant hidden in Serralunga d’Alba, you will find the best Champagne list outside of Champagne. You will also find Ciccio. Ciccio, which means little fat, is the owner. He, alongside his wife, make incredible food, and will serve it to you at one of the 8 tables they have. It may be small, but it’s a can’t miss if you are in the Piemonte region.


More e Macine

Located in La Morra, Ito and his crew will serve you good food and wine in a fantastic atmosphere. If you look around, it is almost guarenteed one of the winemakers in the area will sit at one of the tables, drinking coffee or wine, chatting with their friends.

Osteria Veglio

You can find Osteria Veglio along the widning road leading up to La Morra, in Annunizata. The restauarant recently changed chefs, and it has become a *must* when we are in the Barolo area. The food is incredible, and if you’re lucky, the terrace has room so that you can eat with a view.

Osteria dei Vignaiolo

This little gem can be found at a crossroads in Santa Maria. Weather permitting, sitting outside is a treat! The food is very good, but I go for the Panacotta! Truly amazing. I haven’t found panacotta that good anywhere else.