Going into the vineyard

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I was very lucky to be invited along into the vineyards to collect already harvested grapes with the one and only Silvia. We drove her truck along the hill, deep into the vineyard, where the grapes were waiting in their buckets. The leaves are starting to change color, many grapes have already been harvested and there’s dust coming up everywhere where the trucks and tractors are driving around collecting the harvest. It was a truly incredible experience.ja

Silvia and a member of her team loaded the buckets onto the truck, strapped them down, and off we went to bring the grapes back to the winery.

In the picture below you can see that there are many dry berries. This is because of the hail. There was terrible hail in the vineyards along La Morra, and the loss has been devastating for many wineries. PS, the grapes depicted are not the ones belonging to Altare. img_9228


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