Uno per Uno

What is Uno Per Uno? Literally it means One By One. And that pretty much sums it up. Unoperuno is an Altare wine and they pick the grapes off the stem by hand, one by one. Why? One of the things I love about the Altare family is their innovative spirit and endless energy. A few years ago they decided to try and make a wine where they hand destem the grapes. By doing that, they avoid letting other things into the wine, like part of a stem or a leaf.


I was very lucky this fall because I got to participate in the hand destemming of the grapes (for maybe 45 min), but even if it was a short experience it was incredible. The whole team sits around these buckets and pick off the grapes one by one. And while I did it for less than an hour, they do it for 10 days!

The work is tedious and takes a very long time, but the product reflects all the effort put into it. If you have the chance, try it! You can read about the wine and the winery here.


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