Throwback to picking onions in Elio Altare’s garden

Elio Altare and his garden

As a farmer, Elio Altare does not only grow wine, he also has his own garden. If you are lukcy, you will find him braiding onions or picking fruits of the trees beside the winery, and he will most likely be sporting this wonderful red outfit (pictured below). And if you know Elio, you know that he doesn’t grow fruits and vegetables to make money; he does it because that way he’s certain they are organic. Besides, I think he enjoys it! Once a farmer, always a farmer.


Where does all of Elio’s produce go?

What I’m guessing started as a small garden for the family, has grown, and the Altare family has more produce then they can eat. So, they sometimes give it away! My family and I were visiting Elio Altare one day a few years ago and we found him in the garden braiding onions. (Btw, braiding onions is just braiding the green “leaves”, a way to make them stick together). Anyway, he was nice enough to give us a few bunches to bring home.

And here I am (a few years ago) proudly holding Elio Altare’s onions in front of my family’s house in Norway! If I remember correctly, we did actually eat them. How many people can say they have had Altare onions for dinner?

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