Piemontegirl Needs Your Help

tbt cedar treePiemontegirl is going back to Piemonte – Finally!

It’s been waaay to long since last time. In May we celebrated my dad’s birthday and there was little time for exploring and going off on my own. This time I will be there for a long weekend, all by myself, and I am looking for recommendations on who to see and where to eat.

What wineries should I visit?

This is an area where I, Piemontegirl, could use some work. I usually just go back to the regular ones, mostly because I want to see old friends and try their new vintages. I will of course do that this time as well, but I also want to try something new. Any ideas?


Got any good food recommendations?

There is no shortage of food in Piemonte, but I am tempted to try something new for once. Got any suggestions? I am obviously not looking for sushi or spanish tapas, but maybe it’s time I venture outside of La Morra? hehe…

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