London Baby!

London Baby!

I think London is becoming one of my favorite places. Piemonte is still at the top of course, but London is an extraordinary city. Apart from the sights, there are many top of the line restaurants and wine shops, so for a wine interested foodie, it’s like heaven.


Apart from doing some shopping and sightseeing, the main topic of this trip was food! Brunch, lunch, dinner – you name it! Ever heard of the Granger & Co? It’s a small chain of restaurants in the London area, with a total of four locations. You can also find some locations abroad. Anyway, fantastic brunch spot! I had the ricotta pancakes and I almost ordered another serving. So good! So if you’re ever in the area, check them out!


I didn’t have time to check out any wine stores this time around, but thankfully my wine fridge is fully stocked. If you have any tips for my next trip to London, let me know!

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