Ristoria Gøteborg

Ristoria: Food spot in Gothenburg Ristoria has a very good brunch spot, and from what I can tell a good regular restaurant as well. The brunch is buffet style, all you can eat, with food ranging from egg and bacon to various pasta salads and of course dessert. As a Norwegian, everything is very cheap... Continue Reading →

London Baby!

London Baby! I think London is becoming one of my favorite places. Piemonte is still at the top of course, but London is an extraordinary city. Apart from the sights, there are many top of the line restaurants and wine shops, so for a wine interested foodie, it's like heaven. Apart from doing some shopping... Continue Reading →


With Siliva in New York, I had to arrange to meet up. We ended up brunching at Little Park at the Smyth Hotel. The food was excellent. I had spelt pancakes with apple syrup and some kind of delicious butter. Amazing! But as always, the company is what's important. It was lovely seeing her again!!

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