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Piemontegirl makes Christmas Gifts

In true Piemontegirl style I decided to make homemade candles out of the used wine bottles quickly accumulating in my apartment. I am not a super crafty person, but it turns out this is quite easy. And owing the right gear helps. I happen to have a bottle cutter lying around, so that part was quite easy. And look at the results: not bad right?

Piemontegirl DIY

What you need:

  • Candle Wax
  • Wine Botles
  • Wicks
  • Wine bottle cutter (or another genius way to cut bottles)
  • Optional color and scent


How to proceed:

You need to cut the bottles, and you do that however you want. I use the bottle cutter you can see in the photo below. Very easy to use and works very well! Bought on amazon a few years back. Then you need to melt the wax. I think you should follow the directions on the box (if you buy one) but I just put it in a kitchen bowl, put the bowl in a pot with boiling water and let it melt. You can add colors and scents if you want, or just make them regular white. I did a mix of colors, scents and sizes of the bottles. When the wax is metlted and ready you pour it into the bottle where you have attached the wick and then let it set. I am not sure there is an easy way to make them stay in the center (mine certainly did not) but they look good anyways! And voila, Piemontegirl had homemade Christmas gifts!


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