Wines Round 2 Barolo Night

Barolo Night Oslo Round 2

The lineup for the first 6 wines is not bad. (hehe) Keep in mind we did these wines blind, 3 at a time, so the tasting notes reflect what was tasted at the time.

Barolo Night Oslo Lineup 6 wines

Aldo Conterno Ciacala 1999

Earth tones and toffee on the nose. Older, caramelized, earthy.

Aldo Conterno Ciacala 2012

Floral notes, leather, red berries. Lots of tannins, fruity in the mouth.

Palladino 2010

Strange. To me it did not taste like a wine from Piemonte.

This round the “winner” was definitely the 1999 Aldo Conterno. Everyone knows I like old Barolo, and this one was no exception.

Barolo Night Oslo Round 2

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