Barolo Night 3.0 Round 2

Check out these three wines from round 2 at Barolo Night 3.0. Keep in mind we tasted them all blind.

barolo night sthlm round 2

Altare Barolo 1993

Dark, rusty color. On the nose a little bit of toffee, sweet, red berries, truffel. In the mouth the wine was soft, but with tannins present. Impressive for a wine with that age!

Aldo Contero 2006

This wine was “donated” by Toni (my dad). On the nose there was mostly rosehip. This wine was more tannic than the first wine.

Gianni Voerzio la serra 1999

Dark, rusty red color. On the nose hints of toffee and licorice. Mouth had a sweetness, some toffee. I liked this wine a lot.


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