L’osteria del Vignaiolo

If you’re ever on my instagram, you’ll see I frequent Osteria del Vignaiolo! It is a must when I am in Piemonte. The food pictures really speak for themselves – and yes I know I always eat the same things! But wouldn’t you eat this all day if you could?

It has become a tradition to go here with the locals when I celebrate something – my graduation, my birthday. And this apple dessert has become my absolute favorite! The first time I had it I cried and ordered another one (because I stole the first one from Fabio Ferrero – SORRY!) But look how nice they make it with the chocolate letters and candle. The staff at Vignaiolo really is incredible.

Osteria del Vignaiolo dessert'

If you’re in the area, I’d say that eating here is a must! They have a really nice outdoor area for summer time, but the inside is also nice. (Norwegian always have to be outside when the weather permits). If you go, say hello from me!

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