Some of My Favorite Champagne

It is true I mostly stick to Barolo, but sometimes life calls for champagne. So for those occasions I have a few champagnes that are my go-to. Keep in mind I rarely drink champagne, so when I finally have some bubbles, they are pretty good ones.

Champagne (2)

Ciccio in Serralunga introduced me to Pierre Peters champagne. When I come to think of it, Ciccio has been a key player in my champagne education. The best champagne list outside of France is at Centro Storico. Of course it is not actually a list, but he has one of the best collections of champagne. He often has them by the glass, a perfect way to start a lunch and try something new.

Below you see a picture of me and Charles Philipponnat. I attended a winemakers dinner in Barolo, where he presented his wines. I think my favorite champagne is his blanc de blanc.


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