Wine Opener: Which ones do you use?

Wine Opener: Got any favorites?

I don’t know if wine opener is a huge subject, but I certainly have a favorite type. Most people open “regular wines” (as in not old ones with difficult corks) and now there’s glass and screw cap, so many also don’t need an opener. Honestly, I prefer corks. Not sure why. Maybe it feels more natural that way? Any opinions?

wine opener

Anyway, if you do have a “normal” cork, the ones pictured are the most common ones these days. And yes, I know, it looks like I steel wine openers for a living, but I swear I asked if it was OK for me to “steal” them. Thank you Nino Negri, Fratelli Revello, Manzone and Vietti!

All the openers pictured are called sommelier’s kinves. My favorite opener is the one on the left, the red one from Vietti. of course it doesn’t have to be from Vietti but that type of opener, with only one metal “arm”, is my weapon of choice. The one with two “arms” just doesn’t feel as good to use, not sure why. Any thoughts?

Other types of wine openers are twist corkscrews, air pressure wine openers, winged corkscrews and Ah So openers (the one for old bottles).  Check out a more detailed description here.


White Wine for the summer under 300kr

White wine mood?

Looking for a good white wine to drink this summer?

White Wine

It’s summer, and white wine is on the menu for many people. Vinmonopolet has many good wines, but here are a few of my favorite ones you can find now. Note: some you may have to order, they might not be at a specific Vinmonpol that you visit. And for non Norwegain readers, I am sure you can find them other places too!

Herzu by Ettore Germano, 278kr

A light, dry, refreshing riesling that is grown in Piemonte. I am not usually a big fan of riesling because I find them too sweet, but this one is perfect. Truly one of my favorite white wines!

Bourgogne Chardonnay by Matrot, 199kr

Matrot makes wonderful wines, and what’s even better is that you can find a really good one under 200kr. They are proof that amazing wines do not have to cost a fortune. Truly a fresh, balanced wine.

Bourgogne Chardonnay by Carillon, 229kr

Another good chardonnay that’s also not very expensive. Carillon produces great white burgundy, and it’s great that we can drink such good wines without breaking the bank!

Macon-Villages by Jean-Marc Boillot, 222kr

Macon-Village is one of my favorite appellations in burgundy. There are so many good producers that make Macon-Villages, and JM Boillot is no exception.

Wine 101

Wine 101, maybe it sounds like something you might need? Jack Prenter at reached out to me about an infographic he had created (along with some wine people) and asked me to share it with you. Read his excerpt below.

Wine 101 by Jack Prenter

One of the main excuses people give for not exploring and learning more about wine is that it’s too complicated and intimidating. This graphic was created for the purpose of teaching people the basics of wine pairing, selection and ordering.

Most people will admit that they enjoy the taste of wine, but they might be too intimidated to order it on a date or to ask for basic advice. One of the easiest ways to ‘get into’ wine is to understand the basic rules that underly selection.

Once you understand the different taste profiles of the most popular wines and what foods they are generally paired with you’ll have the confidence to be more explorative with your choices. Not only that but the average person has such a lack of knowledge that just memorizing the key points on this graphic will probably make you the go-to wine expert in your group of friends.

Enjoy the infographic and make sure to share this with a friend!

Wine 101