Pierre Peters

Pierre Peters – a new favorite

I may have mentioned Pierre Peters a few times before. So it’s not really new. But my consumption of Pierre Peters champagne has skyrocketed the past few months. Alessio at Vinoteca Centro Storico introduced me to it a few years ago, and it has quickly become the family’s “house champagne.”

I find his 100% chardonnay Cuvée de Reserve Grand Cru, Brut, so approachable. He makes it just the way I like it: almost more like a white wine. The bubbles are elegant and smooth; not protruding like bubbles in some of the other champagnes. And i find it perfectly balances: dry but not too dry, hint of citrus without being too sour, fruity but not overwhelmingly so.

A Family Business

The Peters estate has been in the family for 6 generations, going all the way back to 1919. And I recently learned they have about 19 hectares of chardonnay – and only chardonnay. A so called Blanc de Blanc estate. in 1944, Pierre took over the winery after his mother died, and the first label with the name Pierre Peters came to life.

Today, Rodolphe Peters is in charge. You’ll find 6 different wines from Pierre Peters today:
Cuvée de Réserve Blancs de Blancs
Cuvée Spéciale LES CHETILLONS Champagne Blancs de Blancs – Grand Cru
Cuvée EXTRA BRUT Champagne Blancs de Blancs – Grand Cru
Cuvée Millésimée L’ESPRIT Champagne Blancs de Blancs – Grand Cru
Cuvée La Perle Champagne Blancs de Blancs
Cuvée “Rosé for Albane” Champagne Rosé

Where to find Pierre Peters

If you’re located in Norway, Vinmonopolet, you’ll find that the Cuvée de Reserve Grand Cru is quite available. Many local stores have it in stock, and you can order it!
It looks like most of the others have been available at some point, but is now sold out. So keep an eye out!

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