Piemontegirl Gift Guide

Do you have a wine lover in your family? Or maybe one of your friends love all things wine? I’ve put together some of my favorite “wine related” gift ideas.

Wineglass writer

There are many gadgets around that help you keep track of your wine glass. Colorful rubber “bracelets” or “stickers” in different varieties to put on your glass. Problem with that? You have to remember if you were the red fish or the orange fish? Or maybe it was the blue grape?


With a wineglass writer, all you have to do is write your name. And if you’ve had so much wine that you can’t remember your name, maybe it’s time to leave the party.

You don’t have to use this magical marker to keep track of your glasses. You can use them as place cards at a dinner. Or to keep track of your spices in the spice cabinet. Or just to decorate. So easy to use. Comes right off in the wash. A perfect gift for anyone, really. You can get them from me (you ncan also send me a message) or if you’re located in the US you can get them here.

Blindtasting sleeves

This might be mostly for wine geeks, but if you know someone who loves blind tasting, this is the gift for them! Instead of using aluminum foil to cover the bottles, these reusable sleeves are a great alternative. You can buy them here.

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux glasses

If you’re looking for a universal wine glass, I highly recommend this one. In my opinion, it’s the most versatile glass. Personally, I use it for red, white and champagne. I know many like to have specific glasses for specific wines. But if you are just starting out, or honestly can’t afford 32 different glasses right now, the Riedel Vinum Bordeaux glass is the one to go for!

If you have a higher budget, Zalto is another great alternative! Again, I would go for the Bordeayx but the Zalto Universal is also a good alternative.

Barolo MGA Vol 1

Yet another gift for the wine geek. Or wine nerd. The Barolo MGA books from Alessandro Masnaghetti are legendary. His books dig deep into the different cru’s of barolo, the different winemakers, the terroir and the history. An encyclopedia for the wine lover. And his level of detail is extraordinary! You can buy the Barolo MGA Vol 1 here.

Vinmonopolet gift card

Unsure of what wine to buy your extra picky wine lover friend? Vinmonopolet sells gift cards! That way you don’t have to worry about buying the “wrong” wine for your friend.

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