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New Year, New Wines

The year has just begun, and with a new year comes new vintages. And new wines. Friday January 10th you’ll find many new releases at Vinmonopolet. If you’re a Piemonte fan like me, look out for both Giacomo Conterno and Roberto Voerzio. But we will have to wait a little while longer for the 2016 Barolo’s.

Some of my favorites

Roberto Voerzio Dolcetto d’Alba Priavino 2018 289,-
289 NOK is a bit steep for a Dolcetto, but if you’re a Voerzio fan, this is the most “approachable” at least price wise. I know many think he makes wine in a particular way, but I quite like his wines. Haven’t tried the new vintages, so looking forward to that!

Matrot Bourgogne Blanc 2017 239,-
As far as white burgundy goes, I think this one has a good price/quality ratio. A fairly simple Chardonnay, not a ton of oak, very fresh – one of my favorites.

Lamy Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly 2017 608,-
Jumping quite a bit in price, but had to mention this one! A beautiful wine that put a huge smile on my face. Mineral with a hint of toast, perfect amount of oak for me. Long finish. Did not want to put my glass down.

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