Oddero Winemaker dinner


Yet again I had the pleasure of joining a winemakers dinner, this time with Oddero. The tasting took place at Festningen in Oslo, a very good restaurant, and Pietro from Oddero was present. I only really know Isabella, Pietro’s cousin, so it was a pleasure to get to know him as well.IMG_6219

First of all, the food was incredible! The presentation, the combinations, the sauces: truly wonderful! And with the wine accompanying the food, all you had to do was lean back, relax and enjoy.

The wines we tasted were: Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo 2011, Barolo Villero 2011 and Moscato.

With the first course, halibut, we were served the dolcetto and the barbera. I personally love the dolcetto, as it is a bit lighter and easier to drink, whereas the barbera is a little bit heavier with more structure. Both were good, and a pretty good fit with the fish.

IMG_6226The second course was a pumpkin risotto, served alongside the langhe nebbiolo. I really like the Oddero langhe nebbiolo, it’s fresh and fairly light, but with structure. Pietro mentioned that they call it the baby barolo because all the same methods are used for the langhe nebbiolo and the barolo, it’s just the grapes that are different and of course the aging.

The main course was a delicious lamb culotte accompanied by the two barolos. The barolos, of course way to young, went well with the lamb and were fun to try. I prefer old barolos as the young ones are a bit to tannic for my taste, but I can’t wait to have the 2011 barolos in about 20 years!

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All in all, a fantastic dinner! It is always a pleasure to drink Oddero wines and it was very nice to see Pietro again! I was seated by myself during the dinner, and the poor couple next to me were kind enough to keep me company for the evening! Thank you!


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