Milan Food Week

So, apparently there is Milan Food Week starting on Thursday! And what is Milan Food Week? I am not completely sure, but there seems to be food involved. And according to their website (which unfortunately is only in Italian) there  are a few events around town.


It’s an 8 day event starting May 4th. There is a sort of “headquarters” at Spazio Bergognone 26, where there should be quite a few things to do and see. And you can sign up for different events on their website:


Vinitaly 2017

Ok. I am not sure where to start. This may be the most insane wine event I have ever attended. There is just miles and miles of wine. I spent 5 hours there and I didn’t even get to see all the wineries in the Piemonte hall that I wanted to see. For the first 30 minutes I just wandered around, trying to get a lay of the land. If I go another time I will definitely do some more research and plan ahead. I would also like to stay more then 1 day, as 1 day is definitely not enough. Below are a few (of the many) pictures I snapped of the day.


The Massolino Stand


Brezza’s cute “house” like tasting stand


Lorenzo and Beatrice at the Azelia table


Collisoni. Ever heard of it?

IMG_6343 - Version 2

Every summer the town of Barolo hosts a music festival in its city center. They have pretty impressive lineups; last year Sting performed, and this year Robbie Williams will perform.

If you are in the area around the 16th and 17th of July, check it out!

Check out their website for more information!

Wine Events January

Will you be in the US in January? You have the chance to attend 2 wine events.

First event takes place in New York at La Pizza Fresca. Elisa Scavino will be there to show her wines at a winemaker dinner January 18th at 7pm. You will have the chance to taste Barbera d’Alba 2015, Barolo 2012 (93 JS), Barolo ‘Monvigliero’ 2012 (93 JS), Barolo ‘Bricco Ambrogio’ 2012 (92 JS), Barolo ‘Carobric’ 2012 (95 JS) and Barolo ‘Bric del Fiasc’ 2012 (94 JS).


Check out the details here.

Another wine event will take place in Texas on January 19th. Luca Currado will be at a pop up restaurant showing his wines. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely go!

Check out the facebook event for more details.




Femmes Fatales

Chiara (3)

Territoriet does a good job of gathering wine people, and this time was no different. Veslemøy, part of the Moestue group, had organized for Chiara and Claudia to come and show their wines. The theme for the night was “Femmes Fatales”, which is fitting as these women are strong characters in Piemonte.

Chiara Boschis is located in Barolo and she was part of the Barolo Boys revolution in Piemonte. She is a wonderful person, a very good winemaker and very fun to be around. I reccommend visiting with her at her winery.

Chiara (2)

I am less familiar with Claudia Ciglitui, but I do know her wines. Claudia is located in Barbaresco and I hope to visit the winery and learn more about the wines and the family this summer. You can read more about them on their website.


The visit with these wonderful winemakers was too short as always, but they are very busy, so I am grateful for any amount of time spent with them.

The wines they “showed” that night included Barbera from both producers as well as a few Barolo and Barbaresco.

From Chiara Boschis:

  • Barolo Cannubi 2009
  • Barolo Cannubi 2005
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2006
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2007
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2008

From Claudia Cigliuti:

  • Barbaresco Serraboella 2012
  • Barbaresco Via Erte 2012

Femmes Fatales


Oddero Winemaker dinner


Yet again I had the pleasure of joining a winemakers dinner, this time with Oddero. The tasting took place at Festningen in Oslo, a very good restaurant, and Pietro from Oddero was present. I only really know Isabella, Pietro’s cousin, so it was a pleasure to get to know him as well.IMG_6219

First of all, the food was incredible! The presentation, the combinations, the sauces: truly wonderful! And with the wine accompanying the food, all you had to do was lean back, relax and enjoy.

The wines we tasted were: Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo 2011, Barolo Villero 2011 and Moscato.

With the first course, halibut, we were served the dolcetto and the barbera. I personally love the dolcetto, as it is a bit lighter and easier to drink, whereas the barbera is a little bit heavier with more structure. Both were good, and a pretty good fit with the fish.

IMG_6226The second course was a pumpkin risotto, served alongside the langhe nebbiolo. I really like the Oddero langhe nebbiolo, it’s fresh and fairly light, but with structure. Pietro mentioned that they call it the baby barolo because all the same methods are used for the langhe nebbiolo and the barolo, it’s just the grapes that are different and of course the aging.

The main course was a delicious lamb culotte accompanied by the two barolos. The barolos, of course way to young, went well with the lamb and were fun to try. I prefer old barolos as the young ones are a bit to tannic for my taste, but I can’t wait to have the 2011 barolos in about 20 years!

ja 1

All in all, a fantastic dinner! It is always a pleasure to drink Oddero wines and it was very nice to see Pietro again! I was seated by myself during the dinner, and the poor couple next to me were kind enough to keep me company for the evening! Thank you!


Vineyard Road Portfolio Tasting 2015

Vineyard Road had their portfolio tasting at Eastern Standard today.


I was very excited to meet with Riccardo Sgarra with Paolo Scavino. His wines have been relevant in the Cantina Granveien household recently, and I was eager to learn more about the winery.


Riccardo had a whole lineup, starting with their only white, going through the more basic wines and ending with their barolos. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit the winery this summer

In addition to Paolo Scavino, I stopped by a Riesling table, where they had a bottle of Keller Riesling. Although Riseling is not my favorite, it was a good experience.

Vineyard Brand has a great selection, a good variety and very nice people, so the tasting was a great experience.

Mangialonga 2013

Almost a year ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the Mangialonga.
For those of you who don’t know, Mangialonga is basically a “walkathon” where you walk about 2km, while eating and drinking. Drinking a lot!
EVERYONE is welcome (you have to buy a ticket of course), but last year dogs, and kids, and adults, and cripples and whatever else came through the Start line and the crossed the finish line a few drops of alcohol later.
At the end, there is a party, with Moscato (as much as you may desire).