NYC Day 2

I woke up at 6… In my defense I went to bed at 21:45, so I got a decent amount of sleep. After walking around in Soho, my brother and I went to Barry’s Bootcamp (which was amazing) before we met up for lunch at Otto. I have been to Otto a few times, and it is a place I like to go. However, today’s experience did not reflect past visits. I was very disappointed. The wine, Langhe by Burlotto, was very good. That is one area where Otto is doing well: they have a very good wine list. Many wines that are good but not so expensive.

The day quickly turned around because I was lucky to have aperitivo with Mauro Veglio, his wife Daniela and a few other piemonte people, including Marta Alessandria. It is always great to see the Veglios and today was no exception. I got to practice my italian, meet some new people and of course drink some wine. I hope to see them tomorrow or Tuesday as well.

We, my family and I, ended the evening at Lupa. As I have probably mentioned before, Lupa is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is incredible, the atmosphere is so comfortable and the staff is amazing. If you go, you should try both the Bucatini and the Tartufo (both pictured above). So good. The wine, Marcarini, was good but should be kept for longer. It was too closed off, not enough freshness.


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