Top 5 Wine Experiences in NYC

  1. Burger & Barrel
  2. Babbo
  3. Maialino
  4. Charlie Bird
  5. Lupa

Burger& Barrel


This place is kind of quirky. Along with very stereotypical burgers they also have a really good wine list. It might sound a little strange at first. How good of a wine pairing can that be, does anything really go with greasy burgers? Don’t knock it until you try it! Good food, amazing wine. A place to check out if you are in New York City.


I am not sure how to explain how amazing Babbo is. I honestly feel like a princess whenever I am there. The service is incredible. And the staff is so nice. Juan Pablo, one of my¬†favorite sommeliers, works at Babbo. He originally worked at Lupa which is where we met (I used to frequent Lupa. Like, really frequent…) And now he works at Babbo. Good for him! At Babbo, everything just works. The lighting, the food, the wine, the service, the music. It is such an experience dining there, at least for me, as I don’t regularly eat in super fancy restaurants. I already look forward to my next visit, hopefully in October 2017!



Maialino, located near Gramersy park, has a very good wine list. There are many old treasure on the list but you can of course also find newer Barolos, some barbera and dolcetto. I am always impressed with the wines they have. The first time I ate there, in 2010, we had a 2000 Dolcetto from Bartolo Mascarello. And I would never have thought a 10 year old dolcetto could taste so fresh. Amazing. The last time I was there we had  a 1994 Bruno Giacosa. At first it was a little funky but it opened up really well. Always a fun experience at Maialino.

Charlie Bird


Charlie bird is a fantastic place. The food is good and the wine list is great. They always have a good selection of both red and white. However, the concept that makes Charlie Bird such a good place for wine is their second wine list. This is a list, hand written, in a little red book. The selection in this book is insane. And one of the sommeliers there, Arvid, was just named World’s Best Sommelier. How cool!



I have been to Lupa more times than I can count and we always end up having good wine there. They have just the types of wines I like, the Barolo (dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo and barolo) section is vast with many to chose from. Unfortunately they stopped carrying my favorite white, Ettore Germano’s Riseling “Herzu.” Despite this, the wine list is still pretty good!

Drinking my way through NYC

When I was in NYC last I had the opportunity to try a lot of wines. I think my favorites were the Dominique Lafon Bourgogne and the Burlotto Barbera d’Alba.

Another cool wine we drank was the Bruno Giacosa Dolcetto 1994. 22 year old grape juice is always fun to try. This one was quite funky at first but got better and better as the night went on.




Day 5

Today we were back at Otto for lunch, this time with remarkably better service. I had the pizza this time and it was incredible. I recommend the prosciutto and arugola pizza. The wine this time was the Burlotto Dolcetto, very good! Our friends came down for the day and we spent some time in Washington Square park.

IMG_6605For dinner we went to Babbo, one of my favorite restaurants. I always love going there, the service is amazing and the food is incredible. And they have a very good wine list! A very good day.


Day 4


We started the day at Blenheim, after we strapped ourselves into the bunad. I had been looking forward to Blenheim, however I was very disappointed. The service was awful, the food was not great and they had strayed from their “from farm to table” philosophy. A shame, really, because I really liked Blenheim.

After Blenheim, we went straight to a T. Edwards wine tasting to meet up with Veglio and Gianfranco Alessandria. The highlight of my day. I stood in between their two booths and drank wine, ate piemonte hazelnuts and poured wine for the customers. My happy place.


After the tasting, the whole group went to the Bowery Hotel and had some champagne. Epic. Just Epic.

NYC Day 3


We decided to take it rather slow today. Graduation photo shoot in the morning, some shopping and walking and then a late lunch at Charlie Bird. I always thought the menu was kinda funky, and today was no exception. But I am so glad we went here! The wine list is good, but there is another wine list that is epic. It might be a secret so I won’t say more, but we ordered off the regular wine list, Dominique Lafon Bourgogne and Cascina Fontana Barolo 2010. Good stuff.


The food is also very cool, interesting combinations and well put together plates. And it tastes good of course. What was even cooler was that we met Arvid, the sommelier who won the world championship of sommeliers. Congratulations to Charlie Bird and Arvid! And thank you for a fantastic meal!

NYC Day 2

I woke up at 6… In my defense I went to bed at 21:45, so I got a decent amount of sleep. After walking around in Soho, my brother and I went to Barry’s Bootcamp (which was amazing) before we met up for lunch at Otto. I have been to Otto a few times, and it is a place I like to go. However, today’s experience did not reflect past visits. I was very disappointed. The wine, Langhe by Burlotto, was very good. That is one area where Otto is doing well: they have a very good wine list. Many wines that are good but not so expensive.

The day quickly turned around because I was lucky to have aperitivo with Mauro Veglio, his wife Daniela and a few other piemonte people, including Marta Alessandria. It is always great to see the Veglios and today was no exception. I got to practice my italian, meet some new people and of course drink some wine. I hope to see them tomorrow or Tuesday as well.

We, my family and I, ended the evening at Lupa. As I have probably mentioned before, Lupa is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is incredible, the atmosphere is so comfortable and the staff is amazing. If you go, you should try both the Bucatini and the Tartufo (both pictured above). So good. The wine, Marcarini, was good but should be kept for longer. It was too closed off, not enough freshness.


NYC Day 1

It is so good to be back. I went directly from the airport to my brothers apartment, dropped my bags and headed straight for Lupa! Truly one of my favorite places. I always feel like I am coming home. I had a few glasses of Moscato, said hello to Joel, my favorite person at Lupa and met up with some friends.


After Lupa, my family and I went to Maialino for dinner. Maialinos food is good, but it’s the wine list that has us coming back for more. They have a ton of cool old stuff that is not too expensive and the selection is huge. Tonight we had Herzu by Ettore Germano, Langhe Nebbiolo by Burlotto and a 1994 Dolcetto by Bruno Giacosa. A great start to my NYC trip!


Headed to NYC

Saturday morning I leave for NYC and my schedule is jam packed with lunches, dinners and lots of wine! And of course my brothers gradutation!


French Toast @ Blenheim

I’ll be stopping by many of my favorite places. Those who made it on the list this time are:

These are my regular spots and I can’t wait to be back!





Burger and Burgundy

IMG_4860B&B is located on Houston st in New York City. This “normal looking” burger joint is actually a wine destination in disguise. The wine list is quite impressive, with excellent white and red burgundies and some good Piemonte choices as well.

IMG_4865Accompanying our burgers was a 1976 Gevrey-Chambertin by Camille Giroud. A strange choice maybe, but a surprisingly ok pairing. The burger also happens to be their award winning burger.


B&B was started by John McDonald and Chef Josh Capon, as an American pub with a world class wine list. On Wednesdays they have dinners with wine pairings where they try to introduce interesting winemakers. Check out their website here:

Mercer Street Hospitality have other venues in the area, including El Toro Blanco and Lure Fish Bar. I’ll be trying one of those next time I find myself in NYC.