Piemontegirl is going to Bourgogne

It is true I have a soft spot for Italy and the Barolo region, but I also really like Burgundy. I am going to Beaune this summer, hopefully visiting a few wineries and eating lots of good food. I really wanted to visit Marc Colin but it is proving to be very difficult. IMG_2805

When I was in Burgundy last time we visited Matrot and Liger-Belair. I have previously tried Matrot’s wines but not Liger-Belair. The tasting experience with LM Liger-Belair was incredible. LM is a really interesting guy and his passion for wine is very contagious. The whole tasting was done out of the barrels in the cellar and I had the pleasure of trying his white wine that was only a project at the time. It is now for sale and I frequently drink it at Territoriet in Oslo.


This year I hope to visit LM again, but other winemakers are on the list as well. It would be great to visit Matrot again, Elsa and Adele are always a treat. My parents also met some winemakers at a wine tasting so maybe we will go to one of their wineries.




It should be a fun trip no matter what, and Beaune is such a beautiful town. I can’t wait to wander around the town, visit the wine shops and have a glass of wine at one of the restaurants along the streets. Hopefully I’ll buy a bottle or two to bring back home. Or maybe 10.

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