La Bottega del Vino

One of the things I like to do is ask the "professional" foodies where they go to eat and drink, and I'm rarely disappointed. La Bottega del Vino was recommended by Ciccio from Centro Storico and he was not wrong to recommend this place. I think I spent 20 minutes with the wine list alone,... Continue Reading →

Off we go!

I am officially on vacation! Ahead lies 3 days in Beaune and 17 days in Italy! There are many wine tastings on the schedule, amongst them Domain Michel Lafarge and hopefully Liger-Belair. I am looking forward to visiting some new wineries and seeing old friends again.

Piemontegirl is going to Bourgogne

It is true I have a soft spot for Italy and the Barolo region, but I also really like Burgundy. I am going to Beaune this summer, hopefully visiting a few wineries and eating lots of good food. I really wanted to visit Marc Colin but it is proving to be very difficult. When I... Continue Reading →

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