Piemontegirl is going to Bourgogne

It is true I have a soft spot for Italy and the Barolo region, but I also really like Burgundy. I am going to Beaune this summer, hopefully visiting a few wineries and eating lots of good food. I really wanted to visit Marc Colin but it is proving to be very difficult. When I... Continue Reading →

Fratelli Revello

I have been the Piemonte region quite a few times, and each time I try to visit some new places. On the list this time was Revello. My good friend Elena is the daughter of the winemaker and she was able to arrange a visit, a tour of the cellar and a tasting of some... Continue Reading →

Day 2

First whole day in paradise! The day started "slow" with a cappucino at Corte Gondina and some "sightseeing" in La Morra. I ended up having lunch at Osteria Dei Vignaiolo in Santa Maria, one of my favorite restaurants. The Panna Cotta there is to die for. The sun was out and I sat outside enjoying... Continue Reading →

My upcoming trip to Barolo

With the trip fast approaching, many plans have fallen into place. This time I would like to try a few new things as well as revisiting my favorite spots and my favorite people. Here are some of my stops this trip. More e Macine This osteria has become a staple during my trips, usually with... Continue Reading →


I recently discovered, and befriended, the winemakers at Azelia. Located at the bottom of Castiglione, next to Paolo Scavino, you find the not so small winery of Azelia. It just so happens that Azelia, Cavallotto and Scavino are all related-- welcome to Barolo! At the Azelia winery, Lorenzo the son is now the 5th generation... Continue Reading →


Isabella Oddero and I have been friends online for a while, and I figured it was time to meet in person. And what better way thank to do a tasting at the winery. She was kind enough to show me around even though she was sick, and I got the grand and Manhatten, her golden retriever,... Continue Reading →

Roberto Voerzio

This is one for the books. I had met Roberto at a Champagne dinner earlier this month, and decided I needed to visit his winery. I have tasted very few, if any, of his wines before, and so it was time. And it was a very good decision. Naturally, I did not expect him to... Continue Reading →

Elvio Cogno

Today I visited the Elvio Cogno winery. Nadia Cogno showed me around the beautiful cantina that sits atop a hill just outside Novello in Barolo. Cogno used to be partners with Marcarini in La Morra, but in 1990 they decided to move to Novello. After 4 generations of winemakers, it is Valter Fissore and Nadia... Continue Reading →

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