#tbt Giulia Negri

“Now that the Baroloboys have grown up, time may have come for us, the Barologirls.” – Giulia Negri


Last summer I was in La Morra with my family and we went to visit Giulia Negri, aslo known as Barologirl. Giulia is a friend of mine but I had never before been to her winery. We sat in the garden, drank wine and ate salumi, while playing with the dogs and learning about their wines.

Giulia is young and she has a passion for Pinot Noir and Burgundy. She makes her own Pinot Noir wine and it’s quite good! Their winery makes two separate wines, Giulia Negri and Serradenari. Giulia’s mother also makes wine at the winery.

Check out both the wineries at www.giulianegri.com and www.serradenari.com.

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