Weekly Wine Review

Wine review: Giulia Negri Barolo La Tartufaia 2011 Wine: Barolo La Tartufaia Producer: Giulia Negri Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Nebbiolo Vintage: 2011   Eye: Ruby red Nose: prunes, spices, minerals, floral notes Mouth: Fine tannins, fresh, Price Point: $37 Available at Vinmonopolet: Yes Available at Systembolaget: No

#tbt Giulia Negri

"Now that the Baroloboys have grown up, time may have come for us, the Barologirls." - Giulia Negri Last summer I was in La Morra with my family and we went to visit Giulia Negri, aslo known as Barologirl. Giulia is a friend of mine but I had never before been to her winery. We... Continue Reading →

Pylsa & Barolo

Every year we have an event called "Pylsa & Barolo". The event is in reality my fathers birthday celebration, but he doesn't like to celebrate his birthday, so he organizes a garden party instead. The whole concept is that we serve different kinds of Hot Dogs with Barolo as the wine pairing. It is a... Continue Reading →

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