Cru has quickly become one of my favorite places to go. It’s basically next door, the wine list is impressive and food incredible.

Cru is divided in two: the wine bar and the restaurant. Upstairs is the restaurant, a slightly fancy setting, with a set menu 3 or 5 courses. Downstairs is the wine bar, very casual with a menu of small courses, many are the same as upstairs. This setup makes it a perfect place for all kinds of occasions. I think my favorite part is the wine bar, enjoying the delicious food in a very relaxing atmosphere, ordering one plate and then maybe another.

Cauliflower soup

They change the menu once in a while, adding new interesting dishes. They try to use ingredients grown locally and focus on honest food. And their philosophy shows in their food. I love trying their new additions to the menu. However, I also have some favorites. Their lobster bisque is one of my favorites, but recently the Caulilflower soup may have knocked it off the top of my list. My god it’s good! Definitely coming back for more.

Terragon gnocchi with sunroot purré

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