17 mai – where have you made a reservation?

Celebrating 17th of may? Two of my favorite restaurants are open on May 17th! I have been to Cru for 17th of may before and I can promise a wonderful experience!   Many restaurants are closed, but both BA53 and Cru are open. Make sure to book a table in advance!  


Barolo Boys @ Cru Looks like a few of my friends visited Cru and had the pleasure of meeting Kim (my favorite sommelier!)

Back @ Cru

It's not a secret that one of my favorite places in Oslo is Cru. And I come here as often as I can, which is hard now that I live in Italy. But I stopped by here while I am on break. And it was amazing as always!


Cru has quickly become one of my favorite places to go. It's basically next door, the wine list is impressive and food incredible. Cru is divided in two: the wine bar and the restaurant. Upstairs is the restaurant, a slightly fancy setting, with a set menu 3 or 5 courses. Downstairs is the wine bar,... Continue Reading →

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