Labor of Love

I enjoy reading wine books, browsing the pictures, learning about grape varieties and wine regions. The newest addition to my wine book collection is “Labor of Love” by Suzanne Hoffman.


I actually had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne at a dinner last summer. At the time I was working with Silvia Altare at her winery. We met up with many other winemaker women at a restaurant in Barolo. Chiara Boschis, Silvia Altare, Marta Rinaldi and a few other women were there. The only man at the table was Suzanne’s husband, and at the end we were joined by Enzo Brezza.


Suzanne’s book is about all the women in winemaking. So may families in Piemonte now have only women running the show at the wineries. And “Labor of Love’ highlights the women in these winemaker families. These women will carry on the work and traditions going forward and I am really excited to see what’s in store for the future.


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