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BA53, where the wonderful Kari Innerå runs the show, opened not long ago in Oslo. The restaurant is located along Bygdøy Alle, a fairly historic neighborhood in Oslo. Kari Innerå is a well know chef with many awards tied to her name, and before she opened BA53 you could find her at Cru.


BA53 has an elegant yet rough vibe, both regarding the interior and the food. The concept here is that you can choose from many different dishes that are appetizer size, so it’s a little tapas like in the structure. On the menu you can find traditional Norwegian style food alongside Thai inspired soup and a loose interpretation of a Singapore king crab dish. The large range of dishes provide for an interesting dining experience. I personally really like the concept of choosing 3-5 small dishes instead of one large plate, because then you can taste a wide variety of amazing foods.

This time I ordered the Green Curry Soup, Pepper King Crab and Ox tail ravioli. I was not disappointed. I have had the crab before but I just had to have it again because it’s incredibly good. The curry soup was a little too spicy for me but still delicious. And the ravioli was incredible, served with this broth/sauce that was just as good by itself. A fantastic dining experience, one I will gladly repeat.

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