17 mai – where have you made a reservation?

Celebrating 17th of may? Two of my favorite restaurants are open on May 17th! I have been to Cru for 17th of may before and I can promise a wonderful experience!   Many restaurants are closed, but both BA53 and Cru are open. Make sure to book a table in advance!  

Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

Last year I mentioned my favorite places to go for a glass (or bottle) of wine. I stand by the first 4, but Dr. Kneipp has now been replaced with BA53. Territoriet Le Benjamin Beijing Palace Cru Dr. Kneipp     BA53 BA53 has become one of my favorite restaurants, with both incredible food and a great... Continue Reading →

BA 53

  BA53, where the wonderful Kari Innerå runs the show, opened not long ago in Oslo. The restaurant is located along Bygdøy Alle, a fairly historic neighborhood in Oslo. Kari Innerå is a well know chef with many awards tied to her name, and before she opened BA53 you could find her at Cru. BA53... Continue Reading →

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