Le Torri

osteria veglio

Le Torri is a restaurant located in Castiglione, and I think it is one of the restaurants with the best views. If you are lucky enough to sit on the balcony, you have a beautiful view of Langhe. And the food is very good! They recently changed owners, and the new ones are doing very well! I usually eat the traditional dishes, like Vitello Tonnato and Tajarin Ragu, but they have a variety of dishes you can try. img_9008

The wine list is great; not surprising, since its located in the Barolo region. You find wines from the town, like Cavallotto or Vietti, but also wines from the other areas near by. By the glass or a full bottle, either way are you in good shape! Definitely worth a try, maybe after a winery visit with Guiseppe Cavallotto?le torri

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