Winery Wednesday

IMG_9873In the outskirts of Serralunga you will find Ettore Germano. Sergio, the winemaker, just finished building a new tasting room, and it is beautiful! One of the main reasons I visit Ettore Germano is for his riesling, Herzu! It might sound strange to visit a winery in Barolo to drink Riseling, but Herzu is truly one of my favorite wines!


The new tasting room has a beautiful view of the Langhe, although we didn’t really get to see anything because of the rain. But I am sure the view hasn’t changed much from the last time I tasted with Sergio so I can assure you it’s beautiful. There’s nothing like drinking good wine with a gorgeous view!

Ettore Germano makes quite a few wines; 14 different ones, including 2 sparkling. There are many interesting wines in the lineup, including Binel (Riesling/Chardonnay), Balaú (merlot) and Barolo Prapò (a fairly unknown cru).


Check out their website for more informtion. And if you go, say hi to Sergio!


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