Bartolo Mascarello: The Woman, the Myth, the Legend

Bartolo Mascarello: A legend

Maria Teresa Bartolo Mascarello is an incredible woman. If you haven’t been to her winery, you definitely should. You’ll find her in Barolo (the town), but don’t try to find her email adress to make an appointment. She doesn’t really use email. Or the internet. So call or ring the bell.

Bartolo Mascarello

MT is a busy woman so you may be shown around by Alan, a wonderful man from the United States who has worked with Bartolo Mascarello for years. Before Maria Teresa was the boss, her dad Bartolo was the boss. This winery has always been firm “traditionalists”, which means they only use big botti (and not small barrique).

Bartolo Mascarello

Winemaker Selfie

Maria Teresa is one of the most passionate winemakers I have ever met. She makes wines because that’s what she loves, and she’s not shy about it. Hearing her talk about her work is enchanting and I love listening every time I get to do it.


Winery Wednesday: Manzone

Winery Wednesday: This time I am taking you to Monforte

In case you haven’t been paying attention, I have been doing Winery Wednesday for quite some time now, recommending wineries to visit in the Piemonte region. This wednesday it’s Manzone’s turn.

Winery Wednesday

Mirella Manzone

Manzone is located a little “out of my comfort zone” (we all know I am a La Morra fan), but you should make the trip! And if you’re lucky you get to meet Mirella (pictured above). Mirella and her brother Mauro recently joined their father Giovanni at the winery, and the three of them work together to produce the wines.

Manzone has a pretty good selection of wines as you can see below. And what’s cool about them is that all their wines have names. Normally all the cru barolos have names, but Manzones dolcetto is called “Le Cilegie” and the Barbera superiore is called “La Marchesa”. They also produces a white wine, Langhe Rossese Bianco, a fairly unusual grape that originally comes from Cinqueterre.

Winery Wednesday

Manzone Lineup

Anyways, if you are looking for a winery to visit, stop by Manzone. You can check out their website here.  And stay tuned for another Winery Wednesday next week!

Looking for a winery to visit this summer?

Alessandro Veglio’s winery is on my list of places to visit

You may have heard of the winery Mauro Veglio’s, and you guessed it: Alessandro is related to Mauro. Just below Mauro’s winery you will find Alessandro Veglio. He is a fairly new to the business, but his wines are excellent. And it always helps that he’s a great guy!

Winery Wednesday

Alessandro Veglio

His lineup includes Gattera, a cru barolo located near the famous cedar tree. I recently drank his 2008 Gattera; a fabulous wine! If you visit him you might be lucky enough to meet his english bulldog Poldo. However, he only sticks around for a few minutes before he retreats to take a nap. Quite a character.

Norwegians, you will find the wines at Vinmonopolet as he recently started shipping wine to Norway! Yay! However, I am uncertain which of the wines will be available, but hey; a few wines are better than none!

How can you book a visit to the winery?

Alessandro doesn’t seem to have his own website (which reminds me I should talk with him about that) but you can contact him through the Agriturismo next door to the winery. Check it out here. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can always as Manu at Cantina Comunale to call him for you!