Winery Wednesday


In Serralunga you find a few wineries in the center, one of them is Massolino. A beautiful winery with a stunning view, and of course good wines. In addition to the “regular reds” they also make a Langhe Chardonnay and a Moscato. Everyone knows I LOVE moscato, it’s a perfect drink on a warm summer day or with dessert (or just because).


The estate is now on it’s 4th generation of winemakers, continuing the family business from when Giovanni founded the estate in 1896. The winery has since been “updated” and is very beautiful!

If you are in the area, you should stop by. And if you do go, I recommend eating at Centro Storico while you’re there!

Check out Massolino’s website here!

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  1. Hi

    Me & my son are coming to Barbaresco A Tavola in May , any suggestions for best value for money places to eat please ?




    1. Hello! Are you looking for places only in Barbaresco, or also other towns like Barolo, La Morra, Monforte? I am not that familiar with Barbaresco, but Il Barbaresco and Antica Torre are two of my favorites!

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