Giovanni Corino and his geese. Did you say fun fact?!

You heard me: Giovanni Corino has geese

Most of you think of wine when you hear Giovanni Corino. And they still make wine (don’t worry), but they also have geese! How cool is that?

Giuliano Corino and the Geese

I am actually terrified of geese, so the pictures are really zoomed in. These geese are not really scared of humans so they will come right up close, especially if Giovanni is there. They LOVE him. And his vegetables. Giovanni is also known for his garden (I wrote about it earlier), and it turns out the geese are just as big a fan as me. Rumor has it they ate all his lettuce and some of the carrots. Oops. Anyway, maybe it’s just me that’s fascinated with farm birds. But if you go, let me know! Are you brave enough to pet them? I was!

Giovanni Corino and the Geese
Just casually petting his goose

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