La Morra: A little piece of heaven

La Morra – my favorite place on earth

My latest trip to La Morra was fantastic! I always say that, but that’s because it’s true. This time I tried 3 new wineries, had lunch with a good friend and celebrated my graduation – quite the schedule!

la morra
La Morra

Everyone makes fun of me because I usually see all the same people, eat at the same restaurants and eat the same foods. I know I should venture out, try new things, but when the Vitello Tonnato is soooooo good, then I don’t have any choice, right? Look at the picture below – looks so good right?

Osteria Veglio, La Morra

3 new wineries in La Morra

I did try 3 new wineries this time: Andrea Oberto, Marcarini and Alberto Burzi. It was very interesting to meet new people, hear their stories and try new wines. All 3  visits had their own charm. Andrea Oberto spoke only italian and I ended up having to translae for some other guests. At Marcarini, the woman who showed me around, started to work with the family and then fell in love with the son. And Alberto Burzi just started his winery, it was so interesting to hear his story.


Hope to be back in La Morra soon! A la prossima!

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