Fun Fact Friday: Nadia Curto Chinato

Barolo Chinato: a piemontese digestif

I mostly drink Barolo (or dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo). I rarely find myself drinking Barolo Chinato, but if I had to drink one it would be the one that Nadia Curto makes. The way it works is that everyone who makes chinato has their own sort of recipe, so they can taste very different from one another. You can argue that the same is said for barolo, but the difference is that they sometimes add spices to the chinato. Back in the days it was made as a sort of medicine, which in my opinion it kind of tastes like today… But then again, who doesn’t want barolo as medicine?


Nadia Curto also makes great wines; it’s not just her Chinato that is worth trying. Tastings with Nadia are super fun so you should definitely stop by! Check out her winery on her website.

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