Domaine Chavy-Chouet Bourgogne Les Femelottes

Domaine Chavy-Chouet Bourgogne Les Femelottes

Now, I know my name is Piemontegirl, but it is no secret that I love French Burgundy wines, and this one is no exception. I mean, for a wine under $20: WOW! The amount of toast is perfect, it has nice acidity and is very easy to drink.



Wine: Bourgogne Les Femelottes

Producer: Domaine Chavy-Chouet

Region/Appellation: Bourgogne, France

Grape varieties: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2016


Eye: pale yellow-green

Nose: some toast, fruits, citrus

Mouth: butter, lemon, slightly toasted

Price Point: $18

Available at Vinmonopolet: Yes

Available at Systembolaget: No

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