Wine Night at Cascina Nuova

Wine Night a la Piemontegirl

Remember I asked you for advice on how to run a Wine Tasting? Well, here is how it went!

Wine Night 3

My very talented friend Elena Baseotto made me some tasting sheets, and I decided to go for 3 wines next to each other: dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo. The knowledge level among the participants varied a lot, so this was a nice way to show them the different grapes and their characteristics.

I chose a dolcetto from Andrea Oberto, a barbera from Burlotto and a langhe nebbiolo from Trediberri. These 3 producers are different yet they share the same philosophy (and are people I care about). It was very interesting to see which wines the guests preferred and why. I like all three, but in very different ways. Dolcetto is very easy to drink, not a lot of structure, but very pleasant. Barbera tends to be bigger (in comparison to dolcetto) and tastes better with food (in my opinion). And langhe nebbiolo is tannin free and smooth, yet has more structure than the dolcetto. All in all good wines to try.

Wine Night 1

I think maybe next time I will do a comparison of the same type of wine but either from different producers or different cru. I think it is interesting to see the different producers interpretation of the wine. Any thougths?

Wine Night 4

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